Project News

Inventory quantities PCBs

Completion of the project from the inventory of PCPs quantities located in several electricity companies

Journey without return

The sustainable management of POPs project has successfully implemented one of its key components, namely, safe disposal of the stored pesticide shipment that was in the al adabeya port in Suez

The Ministry of Environment poses an international tender for the disposal of Allandin

The Ministry of Environment has announced an international tender for repackaging and shipment of safe the disposal of (220 tons) of the banned pesticide Allandin trading and all the waste stored in the Al-Adbya port, Suez.

The permanent disposal of Al-Alandin by the end of the year

Dr. Khaled Fahmy, the Minister of Environment, has announced that they will get rid of all the Allandin pesticides stored at Al-Adbya Port in Suez by the end of this year utterly.