World Bank Visit

A team from the World Bank undertook an inspection visit to the project to follow up on its various activities and to determine the extent of implementation and future steps to support the project ,The Working group was chaired by Ms. Qing Wang and accompanied by Mr. Amer Abdel Wahab from the World Bank office in Cairo and Ms. Mai Adel Morcos, specialist in the social aspects of development projects, and the visit started with an extensive meeting at the project headquarters where the activities completed were presented in  Various components, whether related to the safe disposal of obsolete and expired pesticides or oils contaminated by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).
 The team has held several meetings in the Ministries of agriculture and electricity and also conducted field visits to the south Cairo electricity distribution company and the Central electricity transmission laboratories of the Egyptian Company for transmission of electricity and the central pesticide laboratory in the Ministry of Agriculture
The team Group concluded its visit by meeting with Ms. Dr. Mona Kamal, head of environmental quality sector at the Ministry of Environment, which praised the project and the extent of the activities and fruitful cooperation between the Ministries of environment, electricity and agriculture and praised the role of the World Bank as a supervisor of implementation