Opening international tender envelopes

On Tuesday, 21 July 2020, the international tender envelopes announced by the project for the import of two processing units for transformer oils contaminated with PCPs were opened in the presence of the project manager, representatives of the Ministries of Environment and Electricity and a representative of the Waste Management Regulatory Authority, then an evaluation and decision committee set up by the project will determine the winning bid, based on technical specifications, financial presentations and the Procedures of the World Bank as the supervisor of the project.
This step comes after the project succeeded in collecting the target amount of these polluting oils, which reaches about 1000 tons and after hard and diligent work to find the best solutions to deal with these oils and bring the best international and Egyptian experiences in this field to reach the best and latest technologies. The scientific opinion has settled on the treatment and reuse of These oils through the import of two processing units represent the best and latest technologies and the project has made a great effort in checking and searching for the best in this field and then announced the international tender and thus the project has succeeded in achieving significant economic savings by processing and reusing these oils instead of importing them especially as they are so expensive.