"Environment" disposes of 470 tons of toxic substances from store in al saff city

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The Ministry of Environment held a meeting on Tuesday to announce the disposal of 470 tons of high-risk pesticides was stored at the Al-Saf area of Giza, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, and through the sustainable management of pops project.
The Ministry of Environment, in a statement issued today, said that all the waste resulting from the implementation of this operation has been disposed of to transport these pesticides and wastes and burned out of Egypt in private ovens in both Sweden and France, which have the best technologies to burn these materials, and the store has been completely cleared.
The Ministries of Environment and Agriculture had collected these pesticides from several areas for safe disposal, and those pesticides, which had been discontinued, were very challenging, and were disposed of in a safe manner that did not cause harm to humans or the environment, and also within the framework of high scientific standards and requirements.