«Environment» gets rid of 470 tons of high-risk pesticides in al saff

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The Ministry of Environment announced the details of the stages of safe disposal of about 470 tons of high-risk and abandoned high risk  pesticides, which were located in one of the stores in al-Saff area in Giza governorate, said Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, during a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Environment, yesterday, through the project sustainable management of organic pollutants, in the presence of Oliver Brade representative of the World Bank, Dr.  Ibrahim Abdul Majid representative of the Minister of Agriculture, and a number of members of the House of Representatives and environmental experts that the ministry took care in parallel the safe disposal of those high-risk pesticides, This is what Dr. Mustafa Kamal Tolba, the late environmental scientist, drew attention to, and pointed out that the elimination of these pesticides and hazardous substances has served as a time bomb for 30 years, and this achievement confirms the ability to face the problem of solid waste management, which is less dangerous. Yasmin reviewed the ministry's efforts in that regard, and said that work is underway on the completion of the strategy of integrated management of hazardous wastes, and that work is being done with all partners including the Ministry of Communications in terms of safe disposal of electronic waste, the Ministry of Health for safe disposal of medical waste, the Ministry of Electricity to dispose of some transformer oils, and to dispose of the remaining part of pesticides in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.
The minister explained that the aim of this achievement is not only international commitment, but to preserve the health of the citizens, which is the main concern of the Ministry of Environment.
World Bank representative Oliver Brade praised the government's efforts and the cooperation between the ministries of environment and agriculture in this great achievement.