Minister of Environment: Completion of a strategy for safe disposal of hazardous waste

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Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, said that the problem of garbage and solid waste municipal chronic, but the success of the ministry in getting rid of 470 tons of high-risk waste, was stored in al saff store at giza governorate , confirms that there is hope to get rid of the problem of solid waste municipal, especially that hazardous waste is much more difficult, and is cooperating with all sides to address this crisis, and the exit of an informal sector of it.
The Minister of Environment, during her speech to the conference announcing the details of the safe disposal of 470 tons of high-risk pesticides was at al saff store  added: "A strategy for hazardous waste is being completed, especially since we are trying to implement Egypt's commitments, both within the framework of the Stockholm Convention and the Basel Convention, as well as to work to increase awareness among citizens, in conjunction with other residues, such as abandoned pesticides, and we are completing the completion of studies that have been completed for decades, and we have been implementing it for two and a half years."
She noted that the Ministry of Agriculture's decision had been issued to ensure that the problem of the accumulation of high-risk pesticides was not repeated again, and that they should be disposed of safely.
The Minister of Environment continued: The project continues its efforts to get rid of the remaining target amount of 350 tons of  high-risk pesticides, stored in several areas, and is being assembled now, and the project is working on safe disposal and treatment of transformer oils contaminated by pcbs, one of the most dangerous substances on the Stockholm Convention's most dangerous list of POPs. It can be treated or finally disposed of.
She pointed out that with this the project has succeeded so far in the safe disposal of more than 690 tons of pesticides and hazardous wastes, where he also succeeded in the safe disposal of 220 tons stored in the port of al adabiya at  suez, after arriving in Egypt in an anonymous transit shipment.