Practical Training at South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company.

The project team  and the  a  group of trainers and Mr. Michael Mueller, the international expert in the field of pcbs have  visited the South Cairo Electricity Distribution Co. within the framework of the project plan for training and capacity building in this area, and to ensure that training includes theoretical and practical aspects together. Within the framework of achieving the objectives of the visit of Mr. Michael Mueller to do with training and technical advice in this area. During the visit has been viewed on the functioning of the company and practical training on how to take samples from the contaminated oils with pcbs electrical transformers. And also it has been identified personal protection measures for workers in this area so as not to be subjected to any unhealthy effects, safety and importance sampling procedures, and the proper handling of the sample taken after.
And trainees have shown their desire to repeat such a scientific training and stressed the importance of hands-on training as well as theoretical training.