Important visit by an international expert of the project

Mr. Michael Mueller, the international expert in the field of disposal  and treatment of contaminated oils by pcbs has visited the project in the period from the fifth to the 5 to February 23, for a scientific mission and including  visiting a number of sites, to establish units to collect and storage of contaminated oils  which used in some transformers in power stations, and provide technical advice in its compliance with the standards and scientific disciplines, which will address these oils afterwards for reuse or final disposal, and may be burning in some industries furnaces such as cement industry which is very heat  so it can completely eliminate the pcbs.
Mr .Mueller visit included also talking about the best technologies to address these oils and the most suitable one for Egypt.
Mr. Mueller is also trained a large group of workers in electricity stations, especially in the governorates which the sites for treating unites have been selected they are at "Cairo, Minya, Aswan, Ismailia and Alexandria".