Final meeting with Pompili

The project headquarters witnessed an extensive meeting with consultant Dr. Massimo Pompili, international consultant in the field of technologies and treatment of contaminated oils by at the end of his current visit to Cairo, at his visit he inspected a number of transformers and storage and assembly areas of contaminated oils. And their quantities in a number of companies transporting, producing and distributing electricity, and met with companies officials with the aim of reaching the best solutions and technologies available and the nature of the processing unit needed to treat  these oils in order to reuse them as is happening on a global level now
Dr. Massimo presented a general working paper on his various observations during this visit and his assessment of the steps needed save disposal  of these oils, which reach 1000 tons in size, which is the target of the project.
The meeting was attended by Engineer Ahmed Abdul Hamid, project manager, and Ms. Hind Mohammed Hussein, representative of the holding company. For The Electricity of Egypt in the project and Dr. Ahmed mehina the agent of the undersecretary of ministry  Electricity and representatives of the Ministry of Electricity
Engineer Ahmed Abdul Hamid said that Dr. Massimo's visit comes within the framework of the project's constant keenness to bring in the best international expertise and take all measures to apply the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the implementation of its various tasks and also in line with international procedures and requirements, and to bring in and settle better Technologies s, and to bring in and settle better Technologies and building national cadres